In 2004, in ‘The Conqueror’s Story’, Adam Cheng changes his usual persona from that of a charismatic and highly skilled swordsman to play Lau Bon, an emperor afraid of death, who clings to life as the worst of all scumbags. He somehow survives all trials and hardships and eventually defeats the SaiChor War Lord, Hon Yu, to start the new West-Han Dynasty. The plot follows a well-known historical story and would have easily come across as dull, without Adam’s vivaciously engaging depiction. Elements in the Lau Bon personality are seamlessly strung together and successfully reverse the previous grueling, tedious and solemn impression of this historical enactment. Paired with anecdotal illustrations of the idioms, The Conqueror’s Story also highlights certain social and educational messages. The result was wild acclaim from across the board and the attraction of a widely diverse audience. This included ordinary homemakers and housewives who are not normally interested in warfare centered stories and the male demographic that falls outside the category of mainstream TV drama viewers including historians, school teachers and students with academic burdens. In addition to its appearance on HK-TVB, it was also aired in Taiwan in 2005, setting the Hong Kong-produced TV series’ record for the quickest TV drama repeat by TVBS, TVBSG and once again on STAR Chinese Movies channel in 2010.



In 2006, Adam’s presentation of the TV documentary, ‘Inside the Forbidden City’, was a great success and broke the 11pm TV slot rating record. Such was Adam’s charm as a TV presenter that in 2007 HK-TVB invited him to present another documentary program, ‘Mysteries’. Adam Cheng was then widely referred to as 001 Adam. By 2009 the second series was well under way.


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