After he graduated from Tung Man, Adam and couple students keep on taking lessons from Leung Ming, at that time Kun Fong drama troupe is performing at stage 7 in Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park, Leung Ming and Adam both joined the drama troupe, Leung Ming as the director, and Adam, the assistant director, stage hand and walk on. One day, the leading man resigned due to conflict of salary, since Adam is the most experienced stage hand, he was asked to replace the leading man and was well accepted by the audience, Adam decided to stay with the drama troupe, and quit Nanguo’s session 4th acting classes, and started his acting career.


Unfortunately the dram troupe ended in 3 months, Adam signed up with Nanguo’s session 5th acting classes, received training in classes, and performing various supporting roles in movies. At that time there was a Hong Kong drama competition , Adam represented the Wong Tai Sin district, played the leading role in the drama called ‘Lost My Way’ and won the best actor award. At the celebration dinner, Kin Shing Movie Studio’s owner Kwan Chee-kin was impressed with Adam’s talent , invited him to a casting call, and signed a contract with Adam at the age of 20, and this started his entrance into the film industries.

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