In 2010, ‘The God of Medicine’ saw Adam play the well-known deity of medicine, Bou Sang DaiDei. This was the first Chinese TV production with capital investment from Taiwan Formosa TV (FTV), since the cross-Strait TV and film industry collaboration policy had recently been announced by the Taiwanese government. Adam’s enticing appearance in period costumes and his great popularity in both China and Taiwan, made him the choice for this deity role. The program was also the first from China to shoot on location in Taiwan, taking in Alishan, Yeliu and other scenic attractions. Its theme song, Mercy and Kindness in this World, sung by Adam is mixed with a rap-styled playfulness, refreshingly different and pleasant to the ear that was much appreciated by all. On May 10 (2010), press conferences were held in Beijing and Taiwan’s DaTongLong BaoAn Temple to mark its inaugural airing on China Central Television (CCTV). Heavy weight business and political figures from both sides of the Taiwan Strait gathered and hobnobbed at the press conference, a power house drama in its own right.



In 2010, in ‘Master of Play’, Adam played the dramatist, Kan Siu-nam, who used theatrical disciplines to assist the police with psychological profiling and the evaluation of the mental state of crime suspects. Required to play a character that also enacts stories as part of the plot, Adam had to shift to and fro between three levels of scenario, a psychologically complex and physically demanding task. The production is audacious and ground-breaking in its attempt at charting a new territory in style and subject, a metaphorical bombshell for the viewers. Adam’s performance was precise and poised with distinct layers throughout. In 2012, Master of Play was aired simultaneously in TVB and China, receiving a wide-ranging audience and favorable reviews.



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