In early 1984, having finished his busy schedule in Taiwan, Adam went to Canada for six-months of training in dancing, piano playing, singing, fitness and stamina. This culminated in three high-profile mind-blowing ’GingChow’ concerts in the Hong Kong Coliseum. GingChow means Vivacious Chow and Chow is part of Adam’s Chinese name. These were Adam’s very first large-scale solo concerts. He received wild acclaim both for his performance and at the box office. Adam fast became the talk of the town, particularly in the circle of professional singers. In tandem with the concerts, an album, ’GingGo’ (Hits) was released.

Adam had rarely appeared in any modern TV drama series up to 1988 when he played a man from his teenage years to mid-life in ’The Final Verdict’. The protagonist (Adam’s character) is wrongly imprisoned for 14 years for a crime, the killing of an entire family, he did not commit. When Adam’s character is released from prison, the real culprit of the crime, for the sake of maintaining his social standing, repeatedly and indecently implicates Adam’s character in wrongdoing. As a last resort, he decides to retaliate and grapples the dark and evil force of the gangster world. Given the high impact, riveting tension, and Adam’s impeccable performance, The Final Verdict secured a record audience rating for TVB and was voted as one of the most popular TV series for 1988 on the overseas video-cassette film market. However, as the plot involved the darker side of the police force in Hong Kong, the governmental agencies issued a severe protest and for a short while declined any requests from the movie industry to film on location in HK Police stations. The Hong Kong Broadcasting Bureau subsequently issued a warning of penalty.



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