In 1992, Ding Hai in ’The Greed of Man’ is as adorable as he is despicable, a man who strides across both sides of morality, full of obscure arguments and beliefs, with an obsessed, stubborn personality, as opposed to all Adam’s previous characters that are positive, gentle and poised. Portraying such a character is very challenging and a task that Adam somehow took in his stride. Adam’s admirable performance successfully won the audience over and has been much praised even to this day. Incidentally the stock market plunged during the broadcast of The Greed of Man, and later coincidence had it that whenever Adam’s work was released, the stock prices would fall drastically, hence the rise of alternative stock market investment theories based on the newly coined phrases, the Ding Hai Effect or Chowgoon Effect.


In 1994, an invitation from JinDe Broadcasting, brought Adam to Taiwan for the shooting of the’ Legend of Chor Lau Heung’. This dislodged the ‘stock market madman Ding Hai’ image and Adam once again assumed his Chor Lau Heung persona. As before, Adam brought the character vividly to life with his mesmerizing charm to cast more of a spell on the viewers than ever. The TV series achieved a high rating on Taiwan Television Enterprise, Ltd. (TTV). The theme song, TinDaiDeiDai (the Supreme Heaven and Earth) sung by Adam prompted the release of a Mandarin album of the same title.


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