In 1971, Fung Hand Record Ltd released Adam’s first solo album ‘ Lover Got Married’, it got great reviews, he starred in his television series’ Cold and Warm of Kinship’, and received TVB’s ” best future newcomer” award.


1973, besides starring in ’Romance in the Rain’, he also sang the series theme song, this is TVB’s first television series theme song.



1976, the first TVB lengthy ancient costume television series, ‘Book and Sword’, employed all the company’s top performers, producer Wong Tin-lam had Adam played 3 characters, Chan Ka Lok, Chien Lung, and Fuk On Hong. He played all three characters to perfection, Chan’s patience, intelligence, Chien Lung’s sinister, and Fuk On Hong’s tyranny. After the show’s debut, his talent shined and his popularity exploded, and his suave ancient constume looks had a lasting impression with his audiences, and not just in Hong Kong, when the show debuted in Singapore, and Indonesia, the audience ratings had been very high, and is definitely a turning point in his professional career. The same year ManChi Records Co. Ltd released his solo album ’Tin Ngai Gu Hak’, it stayed on the Chinese album chart for 3 months, and top of the chart for one month, which brings a new break point to his singing career.


1978, The Series’ Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre ’brings a new climax, although the character Cheung Mo-kei has a naïve personality, Adam’s acting talent brings out the love and hate relationship between the characters to the boiling point.


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