Adam Cheng is idol type and talent type, actor and singer. His career started in the 1970s, and is still famous in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, performing in concerts all over USA, Canada and Southeast Asia. He has fans young and old, and considered to be one of the veteran actors who have maintained their popularity among waves of superstars. His acting and singing talent is well acknowledged. His ancient costume suave look has been regarded as unique; even his contemporary look is handsome and outstanding. Both his imitation of tai-hap, little people, in ancient and modern settings, has always been profound, penetrating, can bring out audience’s emotions, and is a talented professional.



When Adam was young, he enjoyed sitting aside listening to gown up’s storytelling, telling tall tales. Adam started imitating others, when his friend was impressed with his imitations, his love for acting ballooned.

He signed up for acting classes when he turned 16, first with Dai Hei, Tung Man, than with Nanguo Film Company. He met Master Leung Ming when he was at Tung man, Leung Ming employs Russia’s stage theorist Konstantin Stanislavsky’s mental theory in teaching his students .Adam readily accepts this mental perception and presentation method, and treat Leung Ming as his Master.




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