In 1967 he joined Kin Shing and did various supporting characters, the first main character role he was offered was with the famous Connie Chan Po-chu, he was thrilled and was hoping this will be his road to stardom, but the timing was bad, after 2 years, Mandarin movies had become popular, and Cantonese movies took a sharp decline, and his contract only allowed him to participate in Cantonese movies, for a living, he learned how to work with knitting machine from his friend, and both chipped in and bought a knitting machine, they received couple work orders, but the new machine was too sharp and keep cutting the yarn, they missed the delivery date, and eventually the knitting machine business flopped. Sadly Adam’s father passed away, and being the oldest child, accepted the responsibility of supporting the family, his neighbor found him a job in a singer lounge and fulfilled his financial needs.


While he was singing in the Lounge, he met Do Ping, Hu Mei-Ping, etc. Chan Tsai-Chung , the anchor women of ‘In Wan Gei Sam Seng’(expressing feelings through music) invited Adam to sing in her music program, afterwards the producer of EYT Robert Chua offered him a contract in 1970 with TVB to perform in EYT. Adam has to sing, act, do commercials, imitate different personalities, his performance won many applauses.



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