In 1979, Adam Cheng once again tried his hand in the movie industry, singing a two year contract for three movies with Golden Harvest Pictures Ltd., with the first movie being ’The Sword’. Not long after shooting started, HK-TVB Limited had to urgently summon Adam to start filming ’Chor Lau Heung’ in a bid to gain audience ratings against TV series produced by Rediffusion (Hong Kong) Ltd, the former Asia Television Ltd (ATV). A pre-existing contract with HK-TVB, meant Adam had only been released to take on film work as long as his television work was not affected. He ended up burning the candle at both ends by working around the clock on Chor Lau Heung. At one point he set a record for remaining awake… for seven straight days. This over exertion eventually affected Adam’s health and led to his near collapse. But he struggled on until the completion of Chor Lau Heung. On December 21, 1979, Adam checked into hospital and was diagnosed with liver problems. This news sent shock waves through the entertainment industry. Although he had not yet fully recovered, Adam resumed work after a brief three months recuperation. However, The Sword, which had been put on the back burner, could be postponed no longer. With his health at stake, Adam went back to Golden Harvest and finished The Sword… two years behind schedule. In May, 1980, Adam returned to HK-TVB to start shooting episodes of’ The Odd Couples’.

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