In 2011, Adam returned to the silver screen and worked on ‘Saving General Yang’. He was cast in the title role, Yang LingGong, the heart and soul of the military family the Yangs. Having been absent from the movie industry for ten years, Adam was touched by the story underlying the moral code of royalty, filial piety, kindness and justice. These things influenced his decision to get involved in the movie. Adam plays an heroic general who is skilled in weaponry. This was different from all his previous roles in terms of looks, martial arts choreography, and the depiction of love and nationalist sentiments.

In addition to vivid martial art performance by Adam, showing General Yang Ye's intelligence and concerns for his family, being forced to be contained within the role of a courtier, in introverted manner touches many viewers and outstands his counterparts. He won wide appreciation when the movie premiered in April 2013 and is deemed one of the must-to-watch actors.


February 16, 2012 marks the 45th anniversary of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (Hong Kong Group) Ltd. It was also the occasion when Adam received the ‘IFPI HK 45th Anniversary: Contribution Award to the Music Industry’, a newly added category to the Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award. The other winner was Liza Wang. They received this award as a tribute to their individual and relentless endeavors over the past decade and more. We salute the entire repertoire of classic tunes they have given their multitude of fans and the Hong Kong music scene.

In 2015 Adam Cheng, Lisa Wang and Jerry Lamb co-hosted a variety show, the Sunday Songbird. This show won "My Favourite TVB Variety Programme" and "My Favourite TVB Variety Show Host" awards in Singapore's StarHub TVB Awards 2015. In Hong Kong's TVB Anniversary Awards 2015, it also won the "Best Variety Show Host".The Greed of Man" received the most votes from viewers and won the "Most Popular Classic Drama Serial" in 2015 TVB Anniversary Awards. In celebrating Singapore’s 50th birthday, Singapore's StarHub TVB Awards 2015 marks the first time bestowing the special commemorative SG50: Star of the Stars Awards to Adam Cheng and Liza Wang, in recognition of their abilities to create strong, lasting bonds with Singaporean audiences throughout the past decade.

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